Fiora Co., is an Egyptian company located at El-Fayoum Governorate, our experiences was gained by our long previous work as a supplier of Herbs & spices types of products to all leading Organic exporters in Egypt, from our own & subcontracted farms which located at various areas.

Fiora Co., has been managed to be the one of the leading manufacturer, processor of spices and products.

Fiora Team delighted to serve your needs for quality ingredients with the finest natural and organic & non organic herbs, spices and flavors on Earth.

We take samples from every package, then take suitable amount for analysis, so you are sure samples totally represent the whole lot.

Fiora team strives to produce the best quality of organic & non-organic products, as they control the whole supply chain from the farm gate till the final process of packaging in order to ensure the purest quality herbs harvested from our farms which are constantly inspected to cope with the sustainable international standards.

Fiora Team can maintain large products raw materials in our own warehouse facilities, various warehousing facilities make us ready for immediate delivery.